Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Paddle Boat in Provo, Utah

We went to visit down in Utah for a bit.  We went to a really nice park and Grandpa Rolf and Grandma Helen treated the boys to a paddle boat ride.  They had never done one and loved it!  They went all over the pond and Andrew was my thumbs up king!  What a beautiful day it was.

 photo Paddle-boat-01.jpg photo Paddle-boat-05.jpg photo Paddle-boat-08.jpg photo Paddle-boat-10.jpg photo Paddle-boat-22.jpg photo Paddle-boat-25.jpg photo Paddle-boat-26.jpg

Joshua's 12th bday

Wow Josh has turned 12!  Last year before being a teen yikes!  He also was able to be ordained a Deacon and pass the sacrament, so wonderful.  Everyone had fun with his cake.  So colorful!  And we even got a rainbow outside to match the rainbow cake what a coincidence!  He loved having his friends come over to hang out with and it was so nice Grandpa Rolf and Grandma Helen could be there too.

 photo Josh-12-bday-2.jpg photo Josh-12-bday-3.jpg photo Josh-12-bday-1.jpg photo Joshua-12th-birthday-11.jpg photo Joshua-12th-birthday-13.jpg

Mud Run 2013

We decided to be a little crazy and do a mud run.  It definitely was crazy!  And super fun!  Jumping through mud and obstacles was definitely like no other experience.  Definitely ranked in the most fun things we've done ever.  Flinging mud at each other and making sure we had no clean spot was quite the opposite of my usual forte!  Tommy is quite the amazing runner I must say and Josh held his own.  Darn side aches were a culprit (got that from me unfortunately).

 photo mad-vs-mud-163.jpg photo Mud-Run-1.jpg photo Mud-Run-2.jpg photo Untitled-2-11.jpg

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Scouting with Jon Fall 2013

More and more I've become too sensitive to go on the hunts with Jon.  Factors like the cold and killing an animal are just tough for me.  But I love to go scouting!  We hike in a bit or just drive around, Jon spots the beautiful animals with his eagle eyes and we admire and observe in Heavenly Father's amazing country.  I love the beauty of the surroundings and the smell of the air.  I especially love seeing flowers and seeing and hearing elk and birds.  I also love the sunsets I get to see.

 photo DSC_5268-02.jpg photo DSC_5267-01.jpg photo DSC_5272-06.jpg photo DSC_5271-05.jpg photo DSC_5270-04.jpg

This is what scouting is all about!  I hope to someday have a better zoom on my camera to capture these amazing animals.   photo DSC_4911-58a.jpg

The moon started to rise so beautifully but I just couldn't capture it right.  First picture I had camera shake but the boys thought the picture looked cool. photo DSC_4921-68.jpg
 photo DSC_4923-70.jpg

Grandma Victoria's love for living things

I love how my mom has such respect for God's creations. She always shows such interest and love for them, no matter what it is. She made a new little friend with this dragon fly.

 photo Grandmas-Dragonfly-05.jpg photo Grandmas-Dragonfly-03.jpg

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Ward Campout at Heise 2013

The ward campout is an activity the boys look forward to.  We didn't get to go as long as we hoped for this year, but at least we got to go one night.  There were rocks to climb, good food, soccer, flag retirements, and more.  It was a great time!

 photo Ward-Campout-02.jpg photo Ward-Campout-03.jpg
 photo Ward-Campout-26.jpg
 photo Ward-Campout-43.jpg photo Ward-Campout-08.jpg photo Ward-Campout-05.jpg
Tom and his family and some other helpers retired a couple flags.  I love watching flag retirement ceremonies.
 photo Ward-Campout-10.jpg
Kole Chafee and Bryghton Hill
 photo Ward-Campout-13.jpg
 photo Ward-Campout-14.jpg photo Ward-Campout-15.jpg photo Ward-Campout-16.jpg
Jaemen Hill and Ryan Chafee
 photo Ward-Campout-17.jpg photo Ward-Campout-18.jpg photo Ward-Campout-19.jpg
 photo Ward-Campout-20.jpg
Dana Romriell
 photo Ward-Campout-21.jpg
There were huge ziplines there and we wanted to go but we didn't get signed up in time.  Looked fun though! This was Macey Redford and I think Paige Wood.
 photo Ward-Campout-23.jpg photo Ward-Campout-06.jpg photo Ward-Campout-32.jpg

Relay for Life 2013

This Relay for Life had different meaning for me.  My step-brother David (who I consider my brother) was diagnosed with Angio Sarcoma early on in the year.  It is an aggressive blood cancer that for David would be fatal.  I wanted to walk for him this year and honor his battle for life.  Jon was very supportive and Stephanie Hoffman Eborn could understand my feelings about David's illness, since her husband died at age 36 from Ewing Sarcoma.  We walked with her on her team.  I was hopeful that maybe David could come to relay because he was visiting in Utah from Canada the week before.  But unfortunately he was in bad shape and had to rush back to Canada. The walk was very therapeutic and the feeling of support you feel there is amazing!  Can you tell what our theme was?....Definitely mustaches but overall it was suppose to be Charlie Chaplin and the 20s. photo Relay-for-Life-04.jpg photo Relay-for-Life-06.jpg photo Relay-for-Life-01.jpg photo Relay-for-Life-13.jpg
Stephanie and Eric Eborn with Tyler Hoffman.
 photo Relay-for-Life-08.jpg
Andrew had a lot of fun hanging out with us.
 photo Relay-for-Life-16.jpg
I love my silly husband!
 photo Relay-for-Life-18.jpg
This little girl was a daughter of a friend of Stephanie's.  What a cutie!
This was all the teams opening lap.  The excitement is in the air!
 photo Relay-for-Life-15.jpg
The evening ceremonies are amazing!  So spiritual. photo Relay-for-Life-37.jpg
 photo Relay-for-Life-41.jpg photo Relay-for-Life-32.jpg photo Relay-for-Life-35.jpg
Stephanie asked Jon is he could be Mr. Relay for our team.  He wasn't quite sure he wanted to do it.  Of course Steph picked him because Jon is so outgoing and fun.  But Jon is "maturing" in age and thinks it might be the last of his day to do something this wild. So each team picked a guy to dress up like a woman and go around trying to get donations for Relay for Life.
 photo Relay-for-Life-43.jpg photo Relay-for-Life-46.jpg
Jon was off and running on his skates and was so fun to watch.  He got a lot of donations.  In fact he probably would have won but someone made an anonymous donation of $300 and gave it to someone else. :(
 photo Relay-for-Life-73.jpg photo Relay-for-Life-70.jpg
All in all it was such a fun night.  I'm so glad that Stephanie let us be a part of her team and enjoy a fun filled night.  Also, Jon bought a quilt from the auction and it had hand prints of survivors on it.  Turns out one of the hand prints was of a grandson of a lady in our church so she bought it from us.  Meant a lot to her.  She missed the auction and thought she lost the quilt.